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Do You Believe in the Second Overall Pick Curse?

Photo: Ethan Miller

Doug Gottlieb: "Do you believe in curses? The number 2 pick in the NBA Draft has been a dicey selection. Many of the names didn't amount to much in their NBA careers. Chet Holmgren got hurt, will likely be out for a good portion of time. Is this just another case of a big guy who breaks down easily? There's also a possibility that this is not the worst thing ever. The number 1 question about Chet Holmgren is his body. The hardest thing to work on in your first year in the NBA is your body. He will have some time to build his body before he plays for the Oklahoma City Thunder. But man, you want to talk about some bad luck. Number 2 overall pick is that cursed spot... big guys with foot problems... it leaves you hoping that this is just a one-off injury, and he will be fine afterwards."

Doug Gottlieb reacts to the news of Thunder rookie Chet Holmgren potentially suffering a severe injury during an offseason exhibition game. From huge busts to injury-plagued careers, Doug looks back on a bleak history of second-overall picks in the NBA Draft and hypothesizes the spot may just be cursed. Could Holmgren already be feeling the impact of incredibly bad luck? Or is there some positivity to be seen with the injury?