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Russell Westbrook Needs To Be The Draymond Green Of The Lakers

Photo: Christian Petersen

Dan Patrick: "What is at stake for Russell Westbrook, after this year? Is anybody going to pony up $40 million for him? The answer is no. He's going to be a Carmelo Anthony-type, where you're really going to be a role player. Nobody is going to give you $40 million. If they do, they're crazy. This is where you go 'Russ turned it around, Russ is valuable.' Why can't he be as valuable to the Lakers as Draymond Green is to Golden State? Draymond Green understands, he has a dose of reality, he's got 2 great shooters over there. Russ should be like 'I've got AD and LeBron, now what do you want me to do?' To have that talent and go all-in, I think that's really important."

Dan Patrick explores Russell Westbrook's role with the Lakers after the team acquired Patrick Beverley. Dan breaks down what is at stake for Westbrook this season as he enters his final year of his gigantic contract.