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Has Tom Brady's Preseason 'Circus Act' Destroyed Tampa Bay's Chemistry?

Photo: Julio Aguilar

Aaron Torres and Jason Martin react to Tom Brady’s comments about his extended absence, following the Buccaneers’ final preseason game. Are his fellow Tampa Bay teammates be fed up with the veteran QB, and did his extended leave mess with the locker room chemistry? Listen to Aaron and Jason debate in the full segment above, and follow them on Twitter @Aaron_Torres and @JMartRadio.

Jason Martin: “Tom Brady is such an ultimate competitor, and when he stepped away, you started to question if some part of that competitiveness is just not there anymore. I just don’t know what to make of the Bucs as of now. Their offensive line is suspect, Brady’s lack of mobility is always concerning, they have a new head coach... I just want to know how much Brady still cares. I don’t think he comes back if he doesn’t think they can win a Super Bowl, but him stepping away was odd. When he was in New England, nothing ever distracted him. We didn’t know anything about his family, and there was a moat around his personal life. Then he does the Howard Stern interview, gets to Tampa Bay and completely changed. It's fine, but I don’t know who this guy is anymore. LaVar Arrington said earlier this week that he would be miffed at Tom Brady if he was on the Bucs. Tom Brady’s teams usually aren’t a circus, but Tom Brady has created this circus.”
Aaron Torres: “You remember when Tom Brady first got to Tampa, and so many teammates commented that they were just in awe that they were teammates with Tom Brady? Well we’re now two years removed from that, and I do imagine that the ‘star struck’ feeling around him has worn off.  I could see some of the older veterans being annoyed with him being allowed to vacation with his family while they’re in the hot sun working themselves to the bone in training camp and preseason in order to get ready for Week 1... I’m not questioning Tom’s commitment to the sport, but the past 8 months, his attitude toward it has certainly shifted.”