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Donovan Mitchell Trade Signifies the End of the LeBron-Cleveland Breakup

Photo: Gregory Shamus

Dan Beyer: "They had been broken up, but LeBron checked the Cavs Instagram page, and the Cavs checked LeBron's Instagram page, just to see what they were up to. It just took them a longer while that now they're both in better relationships in different spots, and they don't need to check each other's Instagrams anymore. If they pass by and see each other at the shopping mall, they can have a nice conversation. That's what this is. The Cavs are soley in their own place - there's someone new coming in, they've got a new direction. They're not worried about looking back. Maybe they weren't in a relationship anymore, they were broken up, but they were always checking in and looking at the other was doing, and that's what this feels like to me. The Cavaliers have tried to chart their own way for a while since LeBron left, but I think they've really now found their stable footing, and now can truly move on and not have to sit there and look over their shoulder."

Dan Beyer and Rich Ohrnberger react to the Cleveland Cavaliers acquiring Donovan Mitchell. Dan explains why this move finally ends the long breakup between LeBron James and Cleveland, as this is the first time in the years following LeBron's jump to Los Angeles in which the Cavaliers are showing the league that they are not longer looking back and have fully embraced a new future in Cleveland.