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College Football Playoff Board Has Voted to Include More Teams: Report

Photo: Sean Gardner

The College Football Playoff's Board of Managers have reportedly decided to include more teams in the near future.

The board reportedly voted in favor of switching to a 12-team College Football Playoff format on Friday, which will include six of the highest-ranked conference champions and six at-large teams, ESPN's Pete Thamel and Heather Dinich reported.

The new format is expected to start in 2026 after the conclusion of the current contract in place, though Thamel said that the board could encourage college football's commissioners to implement the changes as soon as 2024, "but those details are complicated and would take some time to work out."

"One of the main drivers of this College Football Playoff expansion was money," Thamel tweeted. "Presidents felt as if they were leaving too much on the table. Monday could end up a powerful motivator for starting prior to 2026."