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Chris Broussard: Kevin Durant Is Off-Base Asking for a 99 Overall Rating

Chris Broussard: “I can give KD an explanation, you were out played by a guy named Jayson Tatum. That’s it. That’ll dock you a few points. He hasn’t got past a second round and plenty more things!
Rob Parker: “It's not like they gave him a 55 overall, why would you even be bothered by this? I don’t get it.
Chris Broussard: "I’m thankful I missed the era of what video games is now, I’m not raggin’ on cats who are addicted to it but for those dudes who can make a living doing It – do not let them keep you doing what you do. But KD isn’t the only athlete to get ticked off by these 2K ratings. I think KD is off-base here and if he’s saying that he’s a 99 overall. This should be motivation for him this season."

Chris Broussard and Rob Parker give you the real reason why Kevin Durant's NBA 2K rating isn't what he thought it'd be.