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No Team Owner Will Give Lamar Jackson the Same Contract as Deshaun Watson

Washington Commanders v Baltimore Ravens

Photo: Getty Images

While Lamar Jackson continues his contract negotiations with the Ravens, 2 Pros and a Cup of Joe explains why he should stop expecting to receive the same amount of guaranteed money Deshaun Watson got from the Browns.

Brady Quinn: "If you look at everyone who's trying to re up right now, Russell Wilson probably made the most sense heading into this year of the player that would have gotten something close to a Deshaun Watson deal."
Jonas Knox: "It feels like Jimmy Haslam is on an island by himself. It pissed off a lot of other owners no other organization in the NFL is going to give a contract like that."
LaVar Arrington: "I think that those quarterbacks are out there that are going to reset the market as the next one up again. I just think for what it's worth, it's not Lamar Jackson right now."