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Stefon Diggs: Feels Like I’ve Been Playing with Josh Allen for 10 Years

Photo: Christian Petersen

Buffalo Bills WR Stephon Diggs Joins Dan Patrick on The Dan Patrick Show. He is loving his time in Buffalo and says he and Josh Allen have built a rapport that allows for a lot of improvisation on the field. He talks a little bit about his family life, losing his father at a young age and how proud he is of his younger brother, Dallas Cowboys CB Trevon Diggs. He says he had a huge chip on his shoulder when he entered the league and emphasizes how important it is to give back to the Buffalo community where he has found a new home.

Dan Patrick: “How often do you go back into the huddle, and you say to Josh Allen, ‘Hey, how ‘bout we do this?’ Or, ‘Maybe we don’t do this anymore?’”

Stefon Diggs: “With Josh, not so much because he’s the person coming to me like this, ‘Hey, let’s do this right here...’ It’s a lot of improv with me and Josh because; I mean I feel like we’ve been together for ten years playing wide receiver and quarterback, but we’ve built enough chemistry on the field, like, if he likes something and he sees something, I got confidence in it because he saw it...”