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Eli Manning: I’m Not Bitter about Retiring

Photo: Al Bello

Super Bowl Champion and Emmy Award Winner, Eli Manning joins Dan Patrick on The Dan Patrick Show. They talk a little about his brother Peyton including the ways in which he changed the game, his very long neck, and his eating habits. He says he had no desire to uproot his family to play for a team in a new city that wasn’t likely to be competing for a ring, so retirement was an easy decision. And he talks about his Emmy Award nominations and win for The ManningCast.

Dan Patrick: “Did you have that conversation with your wife of: could you have played another year, could you have played someplace else, or was it just time to come home?”

Eli Manning: “We had the conversation and I think I was definitely leaning toward retiring... What am I playing for? I’m going into year 17, you’re probably going to a team that’s not very good, (and) they’re in need of a quarterback. Are you just playing ‘cause you want to play or are you playing for a Championship? And is it worth uprooting your family to move on? And it just wasn’t worth it to me... I wasn’t bitter, I wasn’t mad, ‘Hey, I can be playing better than this guy!’ I was ready to hang it up and just be a dad and be a fan.”