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Chris Broussard: Starting Russell Westbrook This Year Might End His Career

Chris Broussard: "Well here’s how I see it, you cannot start Westbrook in the beginning of the season. But I think they will start him and if it doesn’t go well, Darvin Ham is going to make that move. If it doesn’t start well Westbrook will see the writing on the wall and he’ll find his way out."
Rob Parker: "He would be in a funk if he started, a nightmare continued. Disrespected, people saying he’s a bum. It’d be too much for him. It would be ugly. Even this happen to AI in Detroit if you remember."
Chris Broussard: "The difference is AI could’ve been the scorer off the bench, I question Westbrook. I don’t know if he has the skills to do what Carmelo Anthony did. I don’t know how he would be a great shooter and defender late or even at his age. If he were to get cut, he’d go to Washington."

Chris Broussard and Rob Parker break down the possible downfall of Russell Westbrook if he started this season.