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Nick Wright Releases His Week 1 'NFL Tiers' Ranking All 32 Teams

Watch Nick Wright release his Week 1 ‘NFL Tiers’ chart, as Nick separates all 32 teams into eight tiers ranging from ‘those teams we don’t speak of’ at the bottom, to ‘the favorites’ at the top.

Here is Nick’s chart as follows:

Those Who Must Not Be Named: “9 teams that have no chance to make the postseason.” – Patriots, Browns, Lions, Texans, Bears, Giants, Jets, Seahawks, Falcons.

Tough Out: “Some will argue that they will make the playoffs.” – Dolphins, Saints, Steelers, Jaguars, Panthers, Commanders.

Regression Season: “Four teams that all made the playoffs last year, who should be competitive this year but none of which will make the playoffs this year.” – Cowboys, Titans, Raiders, Cardinals.

Too Much Hype: “Teams that should be good but are way too hyped.” – Bucs, Broncos, Eagles, Vikings.

Get Over the Hump: “These teams could all make the Super Bowl but they have to get over the hump.” – Bills, Packers, Bengals, Colts.

Super Bowl Caliber: “Wouldn’t shock me if any of these teams are in the Super Bowl.” – Ravens, Chargers, Rams.

No. 1 Contenders – 49ers

Favorites – Chiefs

FULL segment Above.

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