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Josh Allen Needs To Be Protected From Himself

Buffalo Bills v Los Angeles Rams

Photo: Getty Images

Following the Bills win over the Rams to kickoff the season, 2 Pros and a Cup of Joe caution Buffalo from letting Josh Allen run so physically late in the game.

Jonas Knox: "Why the hell is Josh Allen running that late in the game? He was taking a pounding on some of those runs."
Brady Quinn: "He does the exact opposite of trying to get down and not looking for contact. Like, he literally looks for contact. That stiff arm was a great highlight but some defender can grab your arm, pull you down. That's his throwing arm which makes it even dumber to do that.
If the Bills don't win the AFC East, if they don't have a shot at winning the AFC and they aren't playing in the Championship game, it's a direct result of Josh Allen getting hurt... When they were up 3 scores, just take the decision out of his hands and take him off the field. That's the only way you can really protect him."