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Josh Allen Will Lead Bills in Rushing, and that’s a Good Thing

Photo: Harry How

The Buffalo Bills walloped the defending champion Los Angeles Rams in LA last night and Josh Allen’s performance is making Dan rethink his position on running quarterbacks. While conventional wisdom suggests that running quarterbacks will inevitably get injured so should stay in the pocket whenever possible, much like Cam Newton before him, Josh Allen’s size and speed make him uniquely dangerous in the open field and worth the risk. Buffalo’s best weapons for a Super Bowl run are his legs.

Dan Patrick: “I know this is going to sound crazy...I think Josh Allen should probably take a page out of Cam Newton’s book. When Cam Newton and Carolina (Panthers) went to the Super Bowl, Cam Newton ran the most times in his career, most attempts in his career. I’m not big on my quarterback running but when my quarterback is that big and that fast, he’s so dangerous when he’s able to do that...He’s going to be your leading rusher, and that might be a good thing this year.”