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Colin Cowherd Says Dak Prescott is Never Going to 'Elevate' Teammates

Colin Cowherd: “Can we stop the excuses with Dak Prescott? ‘WELL, THE OFFENSIVE LINE!’… Brady had to go on the road, Brady didn’t have Gronk, Brady didn’t have AB, Brady is 45 years old, Brady had offensive line issues, Brady has a new defensive coach, Chris Godwin is hurt again… You think it was perfect for Brady?? Stop making excuses, this is the first year it’s not perfectly aligned for Dak Prescott. I’m paying you $40 large, bro, you gotta make plays. CeeDee Lamb had 2 catches on 11 targets before you got your thumb injured, that’s on YOU, you gotta make things happen. This was the classic ‘here’s why we pay you the big bucks’ game, and it was a dud. Dak’s reality is that he is elevated by ‘America’s team’, he does not elevate. I don’t want to hear about a bad offensive line, Justin Fields won with a TERRIBLE offensive line. Mitch Trubisky won with a terrible offensive line. Daniel Jones won with a terrible offensive line. ‘WELL, HE LOST AMARI COOPER!’ Patrick Mahomes lost Tyreek Hill and had five touchdown passes. Keenan Allen got hurt early for the Chargers and Justin Herbert looked great. Dallas is becoming the Raiders in the last ten years that Al Davis owned them. They’re not up with the trends, analytically they’re kind of behind, they’re living in the rearview mirror, the owner talks too much and is starting to say kooky things… When you pay a quarterback $40 million you gotta be able to overcome o-line issues, that’s the reality of $40 million. It wasn’t a perfect offense for Lamar Jackson after losing his no. 1 receiver, and he looked pretty good. We gotta stop the excuses, before Dak got hurt this offense was a MESS.” (Full Segment Above)

Watch Colin Cowherd discuss the Cowboys costly blowout loss to the Buccaneers in Week 1, as Colin explains how it’s more proof that Dak Prescott is never going to be the type of quarterback who can elevate his Cowboys teams during adversity.

Check out the segment above as Colin compares Jerry Jones’ Cowboys to Al Davis’ Raiders of the late-00's when they started becoming one of the biggest jokes in the league.

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