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Jason Smith: Jerry Jones Is Wrong About Dak Prescott's Injury

Jason Smith: "I’m not a doctor, I was bad in science and biology. But doesn’t Jerry Jones sound like, “I don’t care! Get back out there Dak!”. You know Dak wants to get back out there, but hearing Jerry Jones say it sounds bad."
Mike Harmon: "I think on some level we get on these medical assessments and talk about cost and time. Time of healing, healing process and then if they’re ready a bonus for the player being back. Then questions arise if he doesn’t come back after 8 weeks, "did the surgery go bad?" or “is Dak a slow healer?"
Jason Smith: "It’s not gonna matter, they’re just another team. They haven’t been great for 25 years. Some years they’re decent and make the playoffs but they’re not year in and year out contenders."

Jason Smith and Mike Harmon share their true feelings around the Dallas Cowboys and Jerry Jones 'medical assessment'.