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NFL Insider Thinks Lamar Jackson Will Be Traded Next Offseason

Jason La Canfora: “I wish the owner [Steve Bisciotti] liked, respected, and understood the changing dynamics of compensating quarterbacks that way that I do, and the way that most smart football people do, otherwise this would have been done when Josh Allen signed his deal before the start of two seasons ago. But this owner doesn’t, and he won’t, and I don’t understand what the endgame is for Steve Bisciotti. If he truly thinks you gotta win a Super Bowl before I pay you what you’re worth [referencing Joe Flacco’s record-breaking 6-year, $120 million contract in 2013], then he’s out of his frickin’ mind. Look at what Kirk Cousins got by playing out the franchise tag and Kirk Cousins isn’t a fraction of what Lamar Jackson is. Bisciotti said at the owners meetings that he doesn’t think that’s a good way to do business, but guess what, that’s how the Browns did business, and that’s how this quarterback expects you to do business. If you don’t want to pay him what he’s worth, somebody else will, and if you want to give him $23 million fully guaranteed this year, and then $43-$44 million next year on the tag, then if you tag him after that at $52 million and then he walks, you can play that game, but I think Lamar Jackson will be traded before the draft next year. Like this just doesn’t happen. Think about quarterbacks this generational; guys who in their age-22 season were unanimous MVPs. Kyler frickin’ Murray got paid; did he get paid because he’s anything close to Lamar Jackson? No, he got paid because he’s better than Daniel Jones and better than Josh Rosen who they took the year before. You only get so many swings at this. It’s mind-boggling that it’s got this stage where this kid who has done everything and more that they could have possibly hoped for when they took him 32nd overall is playing for peanuts again. There’s a risk on him, but I’m old enough to remember Dak Prescott getting hurt, barely playing a season, and getting $8 million a year more in the long-term extension than what Jerry was offering BEFORE he got hurt. It’s a shame that Baltimore probably won’t get to enjoy Lamar Jackson for the length of his career, but this owner, who has been perpetually in the bottom ten of the league in spending payroll, and who just got a $600 million handout from the state of Maryland to upgrade a stadium he didn’t pay a G.D. thing for in the first place, he don’t wanna pay the kid.” (Full Segment Above)

Listen to NFL insider Jason La Canfora join The Jason Smith Show on Fox Sports Radio explaining why he thinks the Baltimore Ravens will trade Lamar Jackson next offseason before the 2023 NFL Draft.

Check out the segment above as La Canfora rips Ravens owner Steve Bisciotti for failing to follow the standard market trend of paying young superstar quarterbacks.

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