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The 12th Man Turned On Russell Wilson

Photo: Steph Chambers

Russell Wilson returned to the only NFL home he’d ever known last night as his new team, the Denver Broncos rolled into Seattle to face the Seahawks. After all he’s done for that franchise, including winning a Super Bowl, you would think the famous 12th Man fans in Seattle would have given him some love, at least until the game started, but they greeted him with resounding boos straight out of the stadium tunnel. That hardly seems the appropriate way to treat a man who was universally loved by the entire fan base.

Dan Patrick: “I know Russ (Wilson) going back to Seattle and the 12th Man certainly let him have it. I didn’t understand it though. What that guy has done for that organization, he’s a stand-up guy. I mean, you may not like his personality, you may not believe his personality, but he did the right things for you. Seattle didn’t want him...I just didn’t understand. Cheer him when he goes on the field. You want to boo him during the game? OK, you want to win the game, and he understands that.”