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Clay Travis Says USA Today Owes Him an Apology Over BYU Racial Slur Story

Clay Travis: “USA Today called me a ‘right-wing extremist for pointing out that this Duke volleyball player did not likely hear a racial slur at all, in fact, BYU on Friday released a full report from their perspective proving that there was no racial slur uttered by anyone. Even CNN [!!!] came out and said there was a rush to judgment and that the media did not wait for the facts to come out and got this wrong. USA Today called me a ‘right-wing extremist’ and said they would apologize if it was proven that there was no racial slur uttered. One of two things may have happened: 1) charitably, best case scenario this Duke volleyball player thought she heard a racial slur and it didn’t actually happen. 2) uncharitably, she made it up for all of the attention; she is Jussie Smollett and wanted to be a victim and wanted this allegation to be true because she wanted the attention. If she made it up and lied intentionally she should be kicked out of the school for violating the school’s honor code. We now know, at a minimum, that this was Jussie Smollett on a volleyball court. So where’s my apology USA Today? You said I was a right-wing extremist in one of your editorials. Now that I have been proven correct, where is my apology?? You promised it, you owe it, I need to see it now. You losers in the editorial room owe me an apology. You were 100% wrong, I was 100% right.” (Full Segment Above)

Watch Clay Travis call out USA Today demanding an apology after the news publication labeled Clay a ‘right-wing extremist’ for his doubts on the BYU/Duke volleyball racial slur story that now appears to have never been based in reality.

Check out the segment above as Clay details why this incident was ‘Jussie Smollett on a volleyball court'

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