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Why Current Championships Will Never Replace Your OG Championship Team

Photo: Sarah Stier

Steve Covino: “You just can’t out-do the OG’s. I really love this Yankees team, and Aaron Judge is amazing… but they don’t have the same impact as those ’96 Yankees had on me. I was in college that year, and those guys were my heroes. Tino Martinez, Paul O’Neil, Derek Jeter, I looked up to those guys. Now, I’m slightly older, and these new Yankees are kids. So doesn’t that have something to do with it?... I’m absolutely pumped for the Yankees this year, I don’t miss a game. But there’s that bit of magic that’s missing from when I was young.” 
Rich Davis: “Steve, you’re very spoiled, because I’m a Mets fan. You walk in to Citi Field, or Shea Stadium it’s like 1986, because that’s the only memory other than 1969, which only your parents remember. My 5-year old daughter came up to me the other day, and asked ‘Dad, are the Mets going to win the trophy!?’ I told her I was only a bit older than she was the last time the Mets won it all, so maybe its luck… If my Mets ever made it to the World Series, I would do everything I can to get field level tickets, and embrace everything about it. However, I don’t think I’d love Pete Alonso the way I loved Gary Carter.” 

Today on Covino & Rich, the guys debate why your team winning a World Series when you’re an older fan, holds less Magic compared to when you are younger!