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Tonight’s NFL Game Is Super Important and Nobody’s Paying Attention

Photo: Jamie Squire

The Miami Dolphins will travel to Cincinnati to face the Bengals tonight and Doug wonders why it’s not getting more attention than it is. We have two Heisman Trophy and National Championship winning quarterbacks squaring off with huge implications for their respective seasons. The Dolphins can start a boat race in the AFC North by starting the season 4-0 while the Bengals would put themselves behind the 8-ball at 3-1 with a loss. With so much at firepower and so much at stake, there really should be more hype around this game.

Doug Gottlieb: “(The Bengals) can’t go to 1-3! And for Miami, if you can get to 4-0, ooh, everybody’s playing catchup. This one feels like a super, super important game that not enough people are paying attention to.”