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Game of Longevity: Lamar Jackson vs. Josh Allen

Chris Broussard: “Which QB will have a longer longevity in the league, Lamar Jackson or Josh Allen?
Rob Parker: “I’m gonna say Lamar, because I do believe even though Josh Allen is able to run and have a strong arm. I do think Lamar is on an island on by himself, I think he’s a different type of player were you can build a team around him. He’s a different breed; the proof positive was a unanimous MVP.”
Chris Broussard: “Look, I agree that Lamar is one of a kind. But we have not seen a lot of people like him beside Vick.”
Rob Parker: “Whenever Lamar doesn’t play, they lose.
Chris Broussard: “I would go with Josh Allen and here’s why, we know that he’s a better passer and he’s more accurate. He’s much bigger which is important for a guy who runs. Lamar is like 6’2 compared to Josh Allen who is 6’5. That for longevity matters. I think that chances are Josh Allen is going to last much longer than Lamar Jackson as a passer.”

Chris Broussard and Rob Parker breakdown the upcoming Sunday Night Football shootout between the Bills and Ravens, then the question arises - who would you rather have to start for your franchise.