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Where Were the Grown-Ups Looking Out for Tua??

Photo: Megan Briggs

Miami Dolphins QB, Tua Tagovailoa suffered a frightening injury last night, getting slammed to the ground, being carted off the field and sent via ambulance to a local hospital for evaluation. This comes after an injury he suffered just four days ago that had every appearance of being a concussion, even though it was reported as a back injury. Dan wonders if perhaps Tua shouldn’t have been in last night’s game in the first place and whether there was anyone looking out for his best interests. The NFL Players Association was wondering as well considering they had already launched an investigation into the handling of his injury on Sunday.

Dan Patrick: “Where are the grown-ups in the room? Somebody needed attention. ‘It’s not a concussion. We’re going to have a doctor, and an independent doctor, and he’s cleared, and he’s back in!’ OK. He did come back in, seemed to be OK. Then there’s last night. So, four days later, playing and suffered a concussion...Did anybody think, maybe Tua shouldn’t’ve played last night? Anybody?”