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Colin Cowherd: Cowboys Are Nearing QB Controversy with Cooper Rush, Dak


Colin Cowherd: “You know you have a star quarterback when you take the star quarterback and his backup and the gap is the Grand Canyon. Like Josh Allen’s backup is Case Keenum -- physically they don’t even look close. Lamar Jackson’s backup is Tyler Huntley, Justin Herbert’s is Chase Daniel, and Patrick Mahomes’ is Chad Henne. You literally have to change the offense when the backup quarterback comes in. That’s when you know you have a STAR quarterback. When you watch the Cowboys, Dak leaves and Cooper Rush comes in and it’s the same offense. I think Dak is better than Cooper Rush but it’s not quite as wide a gap as you want considering at one point Dak was the highest-paid quarterback in the league. When was the last time you watched a Cowboys game and went ‘WOW’ with Dak? You’re not going to watch Cooper Rush and go ‘WOW’, but you’re not going to with Dak either. This weekend I saw Josh Allen, Herbert, Mahomes, and Brady and I was like ‘WHOA!’ You can run the exact same offensive with Cooper Rush that you can run with Dak. If Case Keenum came in for Josh Allen, you think Case Keenum is running around 11 times a game? NO. You think the Chargers are going to be running as many deep routes with Chase Daniel? With Cooper and Dak it’s the same offense. Cooper Rush is a very capable backup, and the Cowboys have the exact same offense. That’s why you don’t pay a quarterback $40 million. I don’t mind paying big money but you gotta give me some ‘WOW’, and I gotta see it. Dak now comes back at the Rams, and at Philly. They’re not winning those games. I don’t think we should have a quarterback controversy but if Dak goes 0-2 we’re going to have a quarterback controversy.” (Full Segment Above)

Watch Colin Cowherd explain why he thinks there is definitely going to be a quarterback controversy in Dallas if Dak Prescott returns next week like he’s expected and starts a losing streak against the Rams and Eagles in back-to-back difficult matchups.

Check out the segment above as Colin details why he thinks the offense is exactly the same under Cooper Rush as it is with Dak, which is quite the indictment for a starting quarterback making over $40 million a year.

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