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'Denver Whiffed on the Coach': Colin Cowherd Rips Broncos After 2-2 Start

Colin Cowherd: “Folks, you’re seeing it with Oklahoma football and you’re seeing it with the Denver Broncos, where a coach comes in and can’t even master his side of the ball. Seventy-five percent of coordinators hired for college or pro jobs do not work. ‘WELL, WAIT UNTIL HE GETS HIS PLAYERS!’ Nonsense, McVay didn’t need 'his; players, and Lincoln Riley at USC didn’t need 'his' players. Denver, from clock management, to penalties, to lack of creativity… Denver really whiffed on the head coach. They’ve literally got no identity offensively other than ‘disorganized.’ Twelve first downs, no ability to run the ball, they don’t move the pocket… You can blame Russell Wilson but his passer rating was 124.9. You still saw flashes of Russell Wilson; he led Denver in rushing, he had two great deep balls, he’s getting the ball to his star receivers, he’s scrambling for first downs; you don’t see a guy who is hobbling up and down the field. He’s at least trending in the right direction. We have seen this in the NFL the last 4-5 years – Steve Wilks in Arizona, they moved off after a year. Ben McAdoo and the New York Giants, they got it wrong. Joe Judge took them longer, they got it wrong. Cleveland Browns and Freddie Kitchens, it happens. What is Nathaniel Hackett’s identity? You don’t know if Robert Saleh is going to work for the Jets but he has an identity; great energy and a tough guy. Saleh's physical and his energy is through the roof. I could watch Rams players playing in a silhouette and know it was Sean McVay’s offense. Same with Kyle Shanahan, same with Andy Reid, same with Sean Payton. I can see it and know it’s clever, the manipulation of personnel, formations, and variations. What is THIS? Even Dan Campbell who can be a little bit of a meathead – unbelievable passion, pro player, and would run through a wall for the organization. Whether it works out, that Lions team never quits. When a coordinator comes in you have to be able to get YOUR side of the ball right. I feel pretty good with my predictions but I picked Denver to win the division. I gotta be honest, that was not a great prediction by me. If I had to do it again I would pick them fourth. I don’t think you can win with what I see here. You gotta have an identity.” (Full Segment Above)

Watch Colin Cowherd explain why he’s already selling his Denver Broncos stock as Colin says he deeply regrets his pre-season prediction of the Broncos winning the AFC West division.

Check out the segment above as Colin details why he thinks the Broncos got it wrong with rookie head coach Nathaniel Hackett, and how they might already be looking for an exit strategy.

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