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Blazing Five: Colin Cowherd Gives His 5 Best NFL Bets For Week 5 (Oct. 9)

Blazin' 5: Colin Cowherd Gives His Five Best NFL Bets For Week 5


Week 4 Blazin' 5 record: 2-3

Blazin' 5 season record: 11-9

Lions at Patriots (SPREAD: NE -3.5)

“Patriots -3.5, I think they win and cover. Bailey Zappe his first game was 10/15 with a passer rating of 107 on the road, and now he comes home against a Detroit team who is not only the worst defense in the NFL, but it’s the worst defense by a mile. They’ve allowed 19 touchdowns this year and the next closest is 13. Jared Goff has never won a road game with the Lions, they’re missing their top running back, and star receiver, and they are the worst defensive team in the league by a mile the last three years. Patriots will control the clock, run the ball, cover the spread, New England 28-24.”

Colin's prediction: Patriots 28, Lions 24

Colin's pick: New England -3.5

Chargers at Browns (SPREAD: LAC -2.5)

 “I’m taking Cleveland +2.5 at home to win outright. The Browns are top 10 in scoring offense and total offense this year, and they’re not giving the ball up. They’re the number two rushing team in the league. They’ve been fine offensively and they’ve actually been pretty good. The Chargers have the worst rushing offense in the league, and one of the worst rushing defenses. They still miss their left tackle for the year, Keenan Allen… they’re not healthy. Cleveland is going to control the clock. Marginal quarterbacks like Jacoby Brissett are different at home. Goff is great at home, and Brissett at home is completing 71% of his throws. Cleveland wins this game outright, they’ll control the game, and control the clock, 28-23.”

Colin's prediction: Browns 28, Chargers 23.

Colin's pick: Cleveland +2.5

Steelers at Bills (SPREAD: BUF -14)

 “Steelers +14 is the side. Buffalo will win but Mike Tomlin is one of the great underdog coaches ever. They still have 10 sacks and 8 takeaways this year. The Steelers offense under Trubisky was a popgun offense, a water pistol, but with Pickett they had 5 drives and 2 touchdowns. The Bills are the story though, they’ve had back-to-back physical road games – at Miami, at the Ravens – they’re still banged up, and they’ve still given the ball away 7 times this year. And for the record, the Bills are not healthy in the secondary, and they’re not healthy upfront, and they’ve just had back-to-back physical road games. Fourteen points to a Mike Tomlin team is way too much, I’m going to go Steelers COVER, but the Bills win, 28-17.”

Colin's prediction: Bills 28, Steelers 17.

Colin's pick: Pittsburgh +14

Cowboys at Rams (SPREAD: LAR -5.5)

“Rams -5.5. I went back and forth, I’m taking LA and here’s why… Sean McVay like Belichick is a great ‘win after loss’ coach. He’s 18-7 after a loss. Stafford is not great but he’s completing 71% of his throws. The Cowboys have 6 offensive touchdowns all year, that’s it. They’re not scoring. The Cowboys are 27th in points, 26th in yards, 30th in 3rd down percentage, and last in touchdowns, AND you can run on this Cowboys team. The Rams lost and were embarrassed by the 49ers. They’ll play well, they’re at home, Cowboys don’t have enough smoke to win this on the road, Rams win and cover, 28-20.”

Colin's prediction: Rams 28, Cowboys 20.

Colin's pick: Los Angeles -5.5

Bengals at Ravens (SPREAD: BAL -3.5)

 "The Ravens have led for almost the entire season. They have trailed for 9 minutes all year. They have the most takeaways in the league, and the Bengals as you know can give the ball up. The Ravens have the number three scoring offense this season with Lamar Jackson, they’ve just lost a couple close games late. The Bengals aren’t able to run the ball so they won’t be able to play keep-away from Lamar Jackson. Burrow has also been sacked 16 times, 2nd most in the league. I think Cincinnati is a good team, but I think Baltimore has a chance to be a great team this year and they’ve led for all but 9 minutes in their losses to Miami and Buffalo, two pretty good teams. I think the Ravens win, I think they cover, I think it’s a fantastic game, probably best game of the week, 30-24 Ravens.”

Colin's prediction: Ravens 30, Bengals 24.

Colin's pick: Baltimore -3.5

All spreads are provided by Fox Bet. Spreads are posted when Blazin' 5 airs Friday at 2 pm ET and are subject to change.

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