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Colin Cowherd Says Cowboys Need to Use 'Limited' Dak Prescott a Lot Less

Colin Cowherd: “What are the Cowboys doing with Cooper Rush? Run game, defense, and not letting him throw much, 16 attempts [vs. the Rams]. Dallas won convincingly yesterday with ten first downs, no turnovers, and very few penalties. This version of the Cowboys is like the Cowboys during Dak’s rookie year. They leaned into the run game and led the NFL in rush attempts. They played clean football and didn’t ask him to do much. Not as many interceptions, weren’t as many penalties, and they let their defense win games – it was a top 5 scoring defense, and you have a very good defense now. This is what we saw during Dak’s rookie year. There was an understanding that you would lean into the more talented players – the run game, the defense – play clean, don’t ask Dak to do a lot. The more you ask from Dak, the more uncomfortable, and mistakes you have because he’s limited. Dak is more athletic than Cooper Rush and has a much bigger bank account but there is not a wide difference in talent. That was when the Cowboys won but something happened where Dak started becoming something else… He became just ‘Dak’, he got a nickname, he became iconic, and there was this sense that Dak is a superstar… TV shows argued that he’s ‘UNBELIEVABLE!’… Nope, he’s ‘believable.’ His intangibles are better than his tangibles. Even his college coach came on here and said ‘even in college we didn’t think he was a great thrower.’ He’s not, never has been, and never will be. He’s athletic but he’s not Lamar or Josh Allen. He’s got a decent arm but it’s not Brady, Mahomes, or Stafford. When Dak returns hopefully they do what they do now… Lean into the run game, take the ball out of the quarterback’s hands, and keep the turnovers low. The more they have leaned into Dak to carry them the less successful they are, they can’t beat good teams. Don’t be led by an ‘ehhh’ quarterback. I know Dak gets paid like a star but he’s not a star. He’s not a guy who can pull a bad o-line, pull an offense, and pull a bad defense, it’s not who he is. There are only like 7 guys on the planet who can and he’s not close.” (Full Segment Above)

Watch Colin Cowherd explain why he thinks the Cowboys must equip Dak Prescott with the same game plan they had for the four consecutive wins they earned with Cooper Rush at quarterback, as Colin says less is more when you have Dak.

Check out the segment above as Colin details why the success of the Cowboys comes down to how much they limit Prescott’s role in the offense.

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