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Jason Smith: "Baker Mayfield's Time As An NFL Starting QB Is Over"

Photo: Jared C Tilton

Jason Smith: “We have just seen the last of Baker Mayfield as a starter in the NFL. With him being out for 2-6 weeks with a high ankle sprain, either PJ Walker will play well, or Sam Darnold will be given a chance with the Panthers. Baker’s future is now as a backup QB in the NFL. It went so poorly in Carolina, so much so that he’s an afterthought. The Panthers are now going to test it out with Sam Darnold, and see where they’re at heading into next season. When you’re a pedigree QB in the NFL, you get two chances to prove yourself. One with the team who drafted you, and then 4-5 games with another team who picks you up. Look at Ryan Tannehill, he lost his chance with the Dolphins, and reinvigorated his career with Tennessee. Baker has blown both of his chances, and now he just needs to disappear for the year. Go back up Tom Brady, or another top-tier QB, hit reset, learn and maybe try to salvage another opportunity.”
Mike Harmon: “There are similarities with him and Mitchell Trubisky. Trubisky took an overachieving Bears team to the playoffs, and now he’s been relegated to a career backup. Same thing is happening to Baker now. Is there a scenario where he can start again? Sure, because coaches love an opportunity to look smart and rekindle a QBs career. But as of now, Baker Mayfield is the epitome of ‘just a guy.”

Jason Smith and Mike Harmon discuss Baker Mayfield’s future as a QB in the NFL. Do you think Baker has another shot to prove himself in the league, or will he just fade out as a career backup? Listen to the full segment above!