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Rob Parker: "The NFL Must Suspend Davante Adams for One Game"

Photo: Christian Petersen

Ron Parker: “This is an easy toss-up and cut and dry for Roger Goodell: Davante Adams needs to be suspended for one game, because he didn’t just bump into the guy, he shoved him down unnecessarily. He purposely raised both hands and shoved the guy down, with his equipment and a chance of being injured. That’s why he’s so apologetic, it’s shameful and unwarranted. You can’t be taking your frustrations out on another person.”
Chris Broussard: “I think Davante is sincere in his apology. I wouldn’t be surprised if when it snowballed, his agent texted him. He has endorsements, and you certainly can’t have that happening when those are in play. I disagree in him being suspended, and I think a fine is appropriate. The photographer was not supposed to be in the tunnel, and was in his way. I don’t agree with Davante’s actions, but the photographer has some fault in this... I think what Aaron Donald did a few weeks ago swinging his helmet was much worse.”

The Odd Couple’s Chris Broussard and Rob Parker react to Raiders WR Davante Adams shoving a photographer to ground following the Raiders Monday Night Football loss to the Chiefs. Rob believes Davante should get a 1-game suspension, while Chris feels a simple fine is only necessary.