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Nick Wright: 'I Don't Think Draymond Green Finishes Season With Warriors'

Nick Wright: “I don't think Draymond is going to finish the year with the Warriors. If Steph would have punched Jordan Poole I think Steph would have finished the year with the Warriors, so it’s not purely ‘you hit Jordan Poole so we need to trade you’, but I think Draymond made a grievous strategic error, and not that he was trying to be ‘strategic’ in this, but he gave the Warriors an out for something they didn’t want to do. Steve Kerr, Joe Lacob, and Bob Myers in their deepest and darkest of hearts do not want to give Draymond Green a $100 million extension and be tied to him into his late-30s. I’m not sure they even want to be tied to Klay but Klay has done everything right and never would give them an ‘out.’ Draymond has now given them an out. The Warriors the last few years are a good, not great, regular season team, so I don’t the Warriors are going to be like 25-3 and it be ‘OH MY GOD, THEY LOOK LIKE A JUGGERNAUT!’, I think they will have their ups and downs. I also think this is going to fester, and I also think some superstar or All-Star will come available. We know the Warriors have already talked about ‘would we trade our young pieces for Kevin Durant?’ discussions, and I think Draymond, Moody, Wiseman, Kuminga, or two of the three becomes a very attractive option in a two or three-team trade. A three-team trade where a team is like ‘we could use Draymond, we have picks to give up', or a one-for-one trade if it’s just a star for this guy. They have the assets to do it, Draymond has the salary to do it, and we know they have already talked about ‘we can’t pay Wiggins, Poole, and Draymond’, so I think they’re planning on losing one of them eventually, and I think that might happen before this year’s trade deadline.” (Full Video Above)

Watch Nick Wright explain why he doesn’t think Draymond Green will finish the year with the Golden State Warriors, as Nick believes Green will be playing for another team after the NBA trade deadline in February 2023.

Check out the segment above as Wright details why he thinks the Warriors now have an ‘out’ to rid themselves of Green after the now-infamous Jordan Poole punch during practice.

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