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The Warriors Are Once Again Enabling Draymond Green

Photo: Takashi Aoyama

Today on The Odd Couple, Chris Broussard and Rob Parker discuss the Warriors handling of Draymond Green. Green has been fined by the organization, but not suspended and the guys think the team just enabled Green and are letting him get off easily.

Chris Broussard: “The Warriors got this wrong. I’m not saying they got this wrong because it was going to hurt the team. But, it is important that the punishment fits, not the crime, but the infraction. That just doesn’t happen here!”

Rob Parker: “I don’t know where the Warriors would be if Green didn’t blow up on Kevin Durant! They won the chip, I get it. And him doing his podcast during the playoffs? I’m sorry. He probably cost the Warriors two championships. This is once again the Warriors being enablers to Draymond Green!”