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Vinny Bonsignore: “This Is Not In Character For Davante Adams”

Las Vegas Raiders v Kansas City Chiefs

Photo: Getty Images North America

Doug Gottlieb: “There’s that yellow line that goes around the field. Nobody steps inside that yellow line. If you do, you get a call from the league, doesn’t matter who you are, you step inside that line and you’re not a coach, player, or ref, you’re going to get kicked out of that build. That guy was somewhere he shouldn’t have been, and they ran into each other. That happens!”
Vinny Bonsignore: “I could vouch for Davante Adams. This guy is one of the most sincere, nicest, gentlemanly football players I’ve ever met. I’m being straight up with that. This is not in character with him, which is why he owned up to it after the game. They ran into each other, and he reacted wrongly, he pushed him because he was frustrated…everything was within reason, nothing was overdone, for the gentleman to take it to this extent, only he can explain why he’s doing what he’s doing…this is not going to cost Davante Adams anything significant.”

On this edition of The Doug Gottlieb Show, Doug is joined by Vinny Bonsignore of the Las Vegas Review Journal to talk about the ongoing fallout from Raiders WR Davante Adams shove of a photographer following the Raiders loss to the Chiefs on Monday Night Football, and why they're in agreement that the situation is being way overblown.