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What Happens to Dak Prescott if his Return Takes a Bad Turn?

Photo: Tom Pennington

Jason Smith: “What Cooper Rush has done for the Cowboys has been very pedestrian. He’s just doing what you would hope your backup QB would do. Dak Prescott getting his job back was inevitable, but what happens if he starts to struggle and a 4-1 start takes a turn for the worst? Does Mike McCarthy have the guts go to back to Cooper Rush if the season starts to slip away? That’s where the rubber hits the road for the Cowboys and the question that I can’t wait for.”

All signs are pointing to Cooper Rush starting for the Cowboys against the Eagles in Week 6. But for how long will this continue for the Dallas Cowboys? Jason Smith and Steve DeSaegher discuss Jerry Jones’ situation as Dak’s health progresses. If Dak returns and struggles, will Jones and Head Coach Mike McCarthy have the stones to go back to their backup quarterback?