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LaVar Arrington: Dan Snyder Created a Toxic Environment

Daniel M. Snyder talks at a press conference after

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Thursday on 2 Pros and a Cup of Joe, LaVar Arrington reacts to the recent report that Commanders Owner Dan Snyder is holding 'dirt' over the heads of fellow NFL owners who hold the power to force Snyder to sell the team. While LaVar finds no amusement from the report, he does find reprieve that it backs what he's been saying for years, that the organization was a toxic environment under the leadership of Dan Snyder.

Jonas Knox: "They can do this deep dive all they want. If he was going to be gone, wouldn't he already be gone? Nothing's going to happen from this. He's not going to lose his team. It would take something catastrophic, and we've already seen multiple catastrophic things happen, and he's still there. And then he's got the balls to go on the field after he's been dodging the subpoena on the yacht all offseason and take pictures with Jerry Jones in Dallas a couple of weeks ago. The whole thing is phenomenal."
LaVar Arrington: "I was just stating obvious facts that we were in a very, very toxic and dysfunctional environment. And you can't have success in a toxic dysfunctional environment.
I don't have an issue with the with the organization as a whole. I have nothing but love for the fans and for the players. It's the owner that I disliked on a very, very high level. And now that it's all come out, I get a little bit of a reprieve because if you thought it was something else, now you know I was telling the truth. I was not fabricating, I wasn't trying to do something to justify my career. I don't find it to be entertaining or comical or anything. I found it to be very tragic, sad and upsetting that someone like that could have all the time and the latitude to ruin people's careers. And in some cases you could possibly say ruin some people's lives. Sad to say, but very possible."