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'You Don't Want to Own Him': Colin Cowherd Compares Odell Beckham to Airbnb

Colin Cowherd: “OBJ at this point is basically the Airbnb of receivers. You don’t want to own him, nothing long-term but it is a nice house, I’d like to stay in briefly, and that’s what he is— he’s a ‘rent-a-wide receiver.  I heard a lot of this last year ‘BOY, OBJ SAVED THE RAMS!’ Well, the Rams kind of saved OBJ. He only caught 50% of his targets in Cleveland, his career had been reduced to his dad putting out YouTube videos to Baker Mayfield, drops, toxicity, couldn’t get along… I’m not blaming him for it, but this idea that he ‘saved’ the Rams? I thought he was very good and very productive, but he got hurt before half, they won the Super… The bottom line is if Allen Robinson wasn’t appearing to be an inefficient player – not saying he’s a bust but they don’t even design plays for him – but if Allen Robinson was what we thought he would be they wouldn’t be interested in Odell Beckham. He’s 30 and you can’t really depend on him physically. He needs a lot of attention. He is talented, but he is 30 and coming off knee surgeries. This week we saw this implosion and crisis with the Warriors, then the coach comes out, really smart, and knows how to handle it… This could be a potential crisis with OBJ getting low-balled— the coach comes out, really smart, and puts a wet blanket on the fire that’s emerging. Draymond and the Warriors, he’ll be playing tomorrow night, and OBJ and the Rams, they still call him and he still takes their call. You think this stuff is easy but a lot of people can’t even get the podium right.” (Full Video Above)

Watch Colin Cowherd compare Odell Beckham Jr. to ‘Airbnb’ in a segment where Colin discusses the potential of the injured free agent signing with a contender later in the season.

Check out the segment above as Colin maps out a potential scenario where the Rams end up smoothing things over with Beckham after they reportedly 'low-balled' him with an offer during the offseason.

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