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Tyreek Hill Sets the Record Straight About Ping Pong and Distractions

Miami Dolphins v Baltimore Ravens

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Friday on 2 Pros and a Cup of Joe, Dolphins HC Mike McDaniel was quick to pat his captains on the back for getting rid of the ping pong table in their locker room, but shortly after, Tyreek Hill embarrassed the coach by saying he's giving his teammates an upgraded table. Jonas Knox, Brady Quinn and LaVar Arrington find the whole situation comical and set the record straight about distractions in the locker room.

Jonas Knox: "The whole thing just looks weird. It just seems like Mike McDaniel ran with something to try and paint a better picture of the locker room and then Tyreek Hill turned around and said, 'What are you talking about? I just wanted to get a better one. I got one that's all decked out here.'"
LaVar Arrington: "It was an unnecessary deal. This is one of those stories where you look silly by the way it comes out and by the way it sounds, but it was avoidable. Like, who cares? I don't care why they had ping pong tables, or even why they got rid of them. You shed light on it and now y'all look off."
Brady Quinn: "Could you imagine if the downfall of their season has to do with ping pong? Hey, do you guys remember the Dolphins were like that hot team, Tua got hurt, and then ping pong got in the way? Like, that's gonna be the narrative about this team after this season."

The guys also discuss the games they'd most want inside the locker rooms.