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Matt Ryan: I Feel Like a Rookie Again

Foto: Andy Lyons

Indianapolis Colts Quarterback Matt Ryan joins Dan Patrick on The Dan Patrick Show. Matt tells Dan they are right in the mix at 3-2-1 and he’s feeling better about the season after a slow start. They talk about transitioning to a new team after 14 years with the Atlanta Falcons and how much it’s making him feel like a rookie again. And they get into a pretty deep discussion about the record amount of roughing the passer penalties committed against him in his career and what the NFL can do to protect quarterbacks without coddling them.

Matt Ryan: “I thought, having gone through coaching transitions and stuff like that, it would help...but it really feels a lot like being a rookie again, because not only are you learning a new offense, you’re getting used to new coaches, for the first time in 14 years I’m learning a completely new roster.”