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Lamar Jackson is an Elite 'Athlete', Not an Elite 'Quarterback'

Jason Whitlock: “The first two weeks Lamar looked really good, but ever since then it’s been a pattern of inconsistent and erratic play. What did you see on Sunday?”

Jason Brown: “I saw Lamar being Lamar, this is what I know Lamar to be and this is what I know he cannot get out from underneath. This is what he is… You were up three points and you threw that ill-advised, horrible throw. Not only is it just mechanically horribly flawed, but the mistake in the mental capacity of it is a thing you cannot do and expect to ‘get the bag’, and expect to be an elite quarterback, which everyone thinks on Twitter that he is. He’s not an ‘elite quarterback’, he’s an ‘elite athlete’. The thing people get mistaken is this— there are athletes that play quarterback, and there are quarterbacks that are athletes. There is a huge misnomer going around. Lamar is an ‘athlete’ playing quarterback, he’s not a ‘quarterback’ who is athletic. That’s what I don’t think we quite understand out in the Twitterverse. We just see what we see because he’s a freak and he runs eight times a game and takes the ball 80 yards on occasion… Well, that’s what we want our RUNNING BACKS to do. They think I’m ‘hating’, it’s not hate, it’s not slander, I wish I could coach the kid, I would love to try and coach him, but he just continues to decline year in and year out mechanically, and at the end of the day, mechanics is the thing that cannot fail you. Your brain and your feet have to excel without thinking about it, and Lamar thinks too much because his mechanics are so bad that they fail him all the time.” (Full Segment Above)

Watch Jason Brown of Jason Whitlock’s ‘Fearless’, who was at one time a prominent football coach in the popular Netflix show ‘Last Chance U’, explain why he thinks Lamar Jackson’s slow start this season is simply ‘Lamar being Lamar.’

Check out the segment above as Brown expounds on why he thinks Jackson is an ‘elite athlete’ but not an ‘elite quarterback’, adding that he’s an ‘athlete’ playing quarterback, and not a ‘quarterback’ who is athletic.

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