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Chris Broussard: Westbrook Can Still Dominante... Just Not as a Role Player

Photo: Rocky Widner

On Friday's edition of 'The Odd Couple with Chris Broussard and Rob Parker', Chris and Rob shared their thoughts on Russell Westbrook calling his performance against the Los Angeles Clippers 'solid' despite the fact that he shot 0-for-11 in the loss. Surprisingly enough, not only did the guys agree with Westbrook's assessment, but Broussard thinks Russ is still capable of becoming a triple-double machine again... if a team allows him to.

Chris Broussard: "When Russ said, 'I played solid. I played hard. That's all you can ask', to me, you know what he was saying? 'I'm a role player now. I went out there and did what role players do. I played hard, I played with energy and I made some things happen'. I'm not saying he's happy being a role player but that's what he did. If you get energy, defense, some hustle and maybe a big play or two here and there, that's all you can hope for. Russell Westbrook, as a role player, is not going to be that good. He's not a good shooter even when he's in rhythm. He's never going to be close to rhythm as a role player. Russell Westbrook is the type of player that needs the ball in his hands, he needs to be controlling it. That's how he gets into his groove... I'm going to be honest. I think if Russ went to another team, like if they sent him to Washington or if they make this trade with the Pacers and they're tanking and it's the Russell Westbrook Show, I'm not sure he couldn't average a triple double."