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Niners Went All In with Christian McCaffrey Because the NFC is Wide Open

San Francisco 49ers v Carolina Panthers

Photo: Getty Images

Friday on 2 Pros and a Cup of Joe, Jonas Knox and LaVar Arrington react to the 49ers acquiring star RB Christian McCaffrey from the Panthers, in exchange for 4 draft picks.

Jonas Knox: "This move happens because San Francisco looks around at the NFC and goes, 'Why not us?' I mean, they're sitting at .500 but why couldn't they win the NFC? Philadelphia, Minnesota, the Giants, all great stories, all sitting there atop the NFC, but the 49ers look at this and go, 'Look, man, nobody in our division is running away with this thing.' And if you're looking at who you've got confidence in to win that division, I don't trust the Rams at all. I think Seattle has been a great story, I just don't trust they've got enough talent or enough on defense to win games late in the year. And Arizona is a rollercoaster ride, we've seen what they do late in the season. The one team that you look at that says they're starting to get healthy, Bosa is coming back, Jimmy Ward, Trent Williams, and now they're adding Christian McCaffrey to that offense, why can't the Niners come out of the NFC?"
LaVar Arrington: "If Christian can stay healthy and they can establish him, you got two guys [with Deebo Samuel] that are multi-dimensional in how you can use them. You have two of the same type of player. It's an explosive, receiving slash running back player. I'm sure Kyle Shanahan is super excited about about this opportunity."