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The Christian McCaffrey Trade Is About Winning Now

San Francisco 49ers v Carolina Panthers

Photo: Getty Images North America

Rich Davis: “I look at it this way: we have learned our lesson, the whole building-for-the-future, that’s lame, old school thinking. I want to win now! The future? I don’t give a diddly-doo about the 49ers draft picks this year, the next year, or the year after that! I don’t give a crap, at all! Because you know why, right now, you know what you have? You have Deebo Samuel, you have Aiyuk, you have Kittle who’s healthy, and now you’ve got Christian McCaffrey! You’ve got an All Star offensive lineup that not even Jimmy G can mess up!”

On today’s edition of Covino & Rich, Steve Covino and Rich Davis react to the 49er’s trade for star RB Christian McCaffrey, with Rich explaining why he has zero issue whatsoever with doing whatever it takes to bring McCaffrey back to the Bay Area!