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The Cowboys Could Still Be Successful With Ezekiel Elliot Out

Photo: Tom Pennington

Despite Cowboys star RB Ezekiel Elliot having a minor injury to his knee, the hope is for Elliot to suit up this Sunday against the Bears. Chris Broussard and Rob Parker both think RB Tony Pollard should have free reign to eat up most of the carries, and tell you why shelving Elliot for a couple of weeks to heal up could pay dividends for Jerry Jones and his ‘Boys!

Chris Broussard: “While many want RB Tony Pollard as the main back as the “big play” guy, Ezekiel Elliot does eat up all those tough yards. I do think without Elliot, the Cowboys could be in trouble, but it’s not for the long haul and this injury isn’t as bad as it first was presented.”

Rob Parker: “Tony Pollard has been kind of held back by Elliot because the Cowboys needed to justify the contract they gave him. 'Zeke being out doesn’t mean much because I feel like the Cowboys can still be successful with Pollard with most of the snaps.”