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LeBron Can't Blame the Lakers For Anything, When They Gave Him Everything

Photo: Jamie Schwaberow

Rob Parker: “The Los Angeles Lakers turned over everything for LeBron James. They got in bed with him, traded away all of the promising kids they drafted, went and got Anthony Davis, and turned over the keys of the organization to him to win right now. Now, LeBron is acting like they’re taking him for granted and not doing anything for him? They’ve bent over backwards for him! They could be gymnasts at this point, and he wants a pity party! This is LeBron’s doing.”
Chris Broussard: “Are we entirely sure he was talking about the Lakers in this Instagram post? He could’ve been talking about the fans, or NBA in general, because it’s really not cut and dry. Maybe LeBron feels like he is so definitively the ‘greatest of all-time,’ and people aren’t giving him enough respect and are instead talking his career for granted. I mean, he is close to becoming the all-time leading scorer in NBA history.”

The Odd Couple’s Chris Broussard and Rob Parker react to LeBron James’ recent Instagram post, where he alludes to people, and the Lakers organization, not taking him for granted. What do you think LeBron’s context was for this post? Listen to the full segment above!