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Jason Smith: “Aledmys DÍaz Wanted No Part of that Potential Heroic At-Bat”

Photo: Bob Levey

Jason Smith: “I’m opposite of the idea that DÍaz was doing whatever it took to get on base. For DÍaz to come up and want to lean into that pitch, he just didn’t want to be in that situation. It’s not like it was a bases loaded situation, or there was only 1 out. He had runners on second and third with two outs. All that hit-by-pitch would do is load the bases. He had an opportunity to be the hero and tie the game, or even win it, and he completely passed on it. Mentally, you have to go up there with the desire to want to win that game.”
Mike Harmon: “I think he’s just doing anything he can to get on base. He was 4 for his last 47 and 0 for his last 14 in the month of October, so anything to break out of that slump could’ve helped him. So yeah, stick that elbow out, and keep the line moving... Plus, after that, he swung at 2 bad balls. So he could’ve been on base if he had better discipline”

Jason Smith and Mike Harmon debate whether Aledmys DÍaz was right in trying to get away with leaning into a pitch in the 10th inning of Game 1 of the World Series. What do you think? Listen to the full segment above!