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The Astros Must Win the World Series to Legitimize their Success

Photo: Jamie Squire

Rob Parker: “Basically, the Houston Astros have to win the World Series. They’ve accomplished so much over these 6 years by making the Series 4 times, and going to 6-straight League Championship Series, and it’s impressive. But they’ve only got the one World Series in 2017, and it’s been proven that they cheated... So to me, the Astros have to win this series. Only 4 of those players remain on the team, they have new management, and the pressure is on them in order to validate and legitimize their success. It would at least smooth things over to an extent and prove to people they can win one without cheating.”
Chris Broussard: “I thought that title in 2017 should be vacant, and you said it: we know they cheated. It’s not speculation, it’s proven, and baseball missed the boat on that one. But, I will say the Astros have gained my respect. Although they haven’t won it, they’ve been great and consistently great. If they do win this championship, I will feel better about 2017.”

The Odd Couple’s Chris Broussard and Rob Parker discuss why the Astros must win this year’s World Series in order to legitimize their organization’s success post-cheating scandal. Listen to the full segment above!