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Zach Wilson Will Lose His Job

Photo: Mike Stobe

Jason Smith: "Zach Wilson is not going to break out. He's going to have another game like this, and the Jets have a little bit more of an itchy trigger finger to make the move. They've given him all this time. They know his ceiling. Robert Saleh keeps saying 'don't make mistakes, play boring.' You can't have your quarterback play that way and win games in the NFL long term. You can do it for a few weeks, but you need your quarterback to be dynamic, to be able to be trusted to make plays and go downfield. They can't do that for him. The writing is on the wall. Mike White is going to take over again. Zach Wilson is going to lose his job."

Jason Smith and Mike Harmon react to Zach Wilson's poor performance in the Jets' Week 8 loss to the Patriots. Jason breaks down why he believes the highly-touted sophomore quarterback will lose his starting job to Mike White before the end of the season, despite the franchise's heavy investment in him.