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The Browns Face a Trade Deadline Dilemma

Photo: Jason Miller

The Cleveland Browns looked pretty good last night in defeating the Cincinnati Bengals last night and it brings up a real dilemma for the Browns front office. Should they hold onto running back Kareem Hunt as a valuable asset in case they can make a run at the playoffs in a wide-open AFC North division, or unload him now and look to the future considering their other running back, Nick Chubb is dominating the league?  It’s pretty clear they are at least looking at the possibility of moving Hunt today.

Dan Patrick: “Could Cleveland hang in there and be a spoiler if they happen to get into the postseason? But the Cleveland Browns looked good last night. If you’re watching, you’re going, ‘Hey, Jacoby Brissett looks good, Nick Chubb (is) the best running back in the league, Amari Cooper (is) a number one receiver, defense looks good!’ They may trade Kareem Hunt today. Or maybe they keep him, but it certainly feels like they’re going to try to unload (him).”