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The Calvin Ridley Trade Puts the Pressure on Trevor Lawrence For 2023

Photo: Tim Nwachukwu

Jason Smith: “I love this move for Jacksonville, because it’s like a fantasy football futures league move. They’re planning for next year already. Their wide receiver room is going to be stacked... and now this tells you the clock is ticking, and 2023 is a make or break year for Trevor Lawrence. Lawrence looked ready to take that leap last month, and he didn’t, so the ceiling for him is down even more. Instead of being that ‘once in a generation QB’ that you could put anyone around and he’ll succeed, the Jags are now hoping he’ll become a middle of the pack QB. You hope he could be a QB that can succeed if you put great talent around him... He's not even close to what you expected him to be. He would’ve broken out by now. Next year is the make or break year, or else the Jags will move on.”
Mike Harmon: “Just the idea that you have all of these moving parts and pieces, and an offensive guru at the head coaching position, and at the beginning of the year Lawrence looked like he was taking big leaps. Now, teams have tape on that new offense and they’re adjusting, but all of those things were taken as growing pains. Now, you don’t get that long leash you used to have.”

Jason Smith and Mike Harmon break down the NFL trade deadline moves, and tell you why the Jaguars trading for Calvin Ridley, immediately puts Trevor Lawrence on the hot seat for next season. Listen to the full segment above!