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The Odd Couple: Bravo to the Nets! Steve Nash Had to Go!

Photo: Sarah Stier

Chris Broussard: “Bravo, Nets! Bravo! This had to be done, and I wondered if the Nets would actually do it, because it felt like they were kowtowing to Kevin Durant. To their credit, they didn’t let it stop them. But look; it wasn’t all Steve Nash’s fault. He was put into a tough position as a first year coach, and to be honest, any coach. But I feel much better about their chances to win the East today, than I did yesterday.”
Rob Parker: “I’m with you, bravo to them. Steve Nash should have been fired when they were swept by the Celtics. There were questions about his coaching after that, and the rough start to this season just ads to it. It was a struggle every night for them, and if you give coaches credit when things go right, you have to hold them accountable when things go wrong. Look at the Phillies: they were 22-27 when they fired Joe Girardi, and look where they are now. Once you realize a guy isn’t there for the long haul, move on!”

Chris Broussard and Rob Parker react to the Brooklyn Nets firing Steve Nash this morning, after the team started the season off to a rough start. Listen to the full segment above!