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The Odd Couple: "Kyrie Irving Is Self-Sabotaging His Career and Reputation"

Photo: Elsa

Rob Parker: “The impact of his words and actions hut other people in other situations. Kyrie needs to realize he doesn’t live in a bubble. You can say whatever you want, but there are consequences and ramifications to what you say. This was 100% self-inflicted.”
Chris Broussard: “If the Nets go 4-1 and play impressive, but when Kyrie returns they start to struggle, I think the Nets could consider making a move. I could definitely see them moving on if that’s the case, finding a trade partner, dismissing him or benching him... And as far as losing his partnership with Nike, he made his bed. He had many chances to apologize, and now has to pay the consequences.”

The Odd Couple’s Chris Broussard and Rob Parker react to Nike suspending their contract with Kyrie Irving. Listen to the full segment above!