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College Football's Regular Season is Better Than the NFL's Regular Season

Alabama v LSU

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Tuesday on 2 Pros and a Cup of Joe, Jonas Knox, Brady Quinn and LaVar Arrington believe this year encapsulates why the regular season in college football is better than the NFL, even though the NFL Playoffs are by far superior.

Brady Quinn: "I think college football is regular season, to me is more entertaining than the NFL and it's in a part because you have less games. There's a lot more unpredictable things that happen and just craziness, so I tend to think that college football regular season is better than NFL regular season... Some people would say college football has always been about the regular season. You go back before the playoff, we would basically play a regular season and then you'd go play a Bowl game and the AP would vote on or they think the best team is. So it's kind of always been about the regular season. I do think it's more fun in my opinion."
LaVar Arrington "I love it so much. I just think in terms of the entertainment value of a Saturday versus a Sunday, there's way more excitement."
Jonas Knox: "You know what I think college football was done over the past couple of years and I give credit to FOX, they've really played up into the atmosphere of the game... I think that's what separates college football from the NFL. The NFL is just like, we'll go live to a stadium shot and there's some people, there's Justin Tucker kicking 80-yarders pregame. You go to a college football pregame, all the pageantry, all that stuff, dotting the "i" at Ohio State, it's so awesome."
LaVar Arrington: " You capture the essence of why these games mean so much."